CATS - 'Card At Table Service'

An economical replacement for traditional credit card payment systems

CATS “Card At Table Service™” offers an innovative substitute to traditional credit card processing services. Our revolutionary credit card processing software has been optimized for credit card transactions handled in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and many other hospitality environments. CATS’ credit card processing program gives the security that customers require and diminishes the risk of credit card theft. 

Portable credit card readers increase productivity

Designed so that the customer’s credit card never has to leave their hands; the CATS mobile credit card machines enable restaurant and bar owners to simplify how their staff processes credit cards. When a customer is set to close their tab, the server simply brings a check presenter with an integrated CATS Smart Card Reader to the table. The customer swipes their own credit card and the card information is securely encrypted and saved on the mobile card reader. The customer then sets the check presenter on the table as usual and a green light on the device alerts the server that the bill is ready to be picked up. 

Integrates easily with most restaurant point of sale systems

Once the credit card has been swiped, the server simply takes the mobile card reader to the POS station where the CATS dock receives the credit card data for authorization. The receipt is then returned to the table to be signed as characteristic in any hospitality situation. 

Mitigates risk for identity theft and promotes credit theft protection

With credit card theft becoming a growing concern in the hospitality industry, implementing secure credit card processing software is most important. The publicity of a cardholder data breach on your premises would likely hold devastating effect, losing you credibility and valued patrons, not to mention the immediate costs involved in such situations.

A secure, PCI DSS compliant credit card processing system

CATS was created to satisfy the requests of businesses looking for secure, yet affordable, PCI compliant credit card processing services. CATS is simple to set-up and easy to use, providing businesses the option to streamline their operations without the initial upset of implementing a new system. 


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